Outline the objectives of the initiatives: 

# Building a society to live in amity, harmoniously and peacefully with all religious communities and faith groups

#Reduce the use of religions as tools of religious nationalism, spreading hate speech/ hate crime, using ill motivation or political abuse

# Enhance interfaith/intrafaith co-operations for constructive, cooperative and positive exchange  

# Protect religious people’s right, and build- trust from deep heart to heart communication

# Organize interfaith leaders connectivity through advancing dialogue, building fellowship, harmony

# Organize workshops for building interfaith actor’s capacity, responsibility and reducing religious motivated violent extremism and radicalization of young generation

# Promotion of Freedom/liberty of Religion or Belief (FoRB) related diversity that preserve the religious majority & minority rights

# Engage religious leaders in social welfare such as voluntarism, socially responsible actions and social events effectively and meaningfully that practices best in globally 

#  Organize Interfaith reflection on youth & women empowerment: For contributing an inclusive & peaceful society

# Organize training for trainers for empowering interfaith and civil society actors

#Organize interfaith/interfaith solidarity, exposure visits for exchange mutual understanding and views

# Introduce ‘Interfaith Changemaker Award’ presentation to encourage religious and traditional actors for significant roles for promoting sustainable peace & inclusive society and contributing for world peace

# Connect the interfaith groups to work for climate emergency & ecological crisis for overcoming the global pandemic like COVID-19, other infectious diseases and natural  calamities